“Practice like you have never won, Perform like you have never lost.” – Unknown

Agility, speed, flexibility and muscular endurance are some of the main aspects that make badminton a challenging and a fun sport at the same time. It is all about lobbying the shuttle back and forth with a variety of shorts like powerful smashes or delicate net returns but with precision.

Badminton is very popular among the college junta as someone can always be seen playing in the courts. IIT Gandhinagar houses 2 badminton halls with 3 Polyurethane floored courts in each hall. The hall has a viewing gallery of 40 spectator with echo-proof walls to reduce the noise of hitting shuttles.


  1. Timings will be 6 AM to 10 AM & 5 PM to 10 PM on weekdays and 6 AM to 10 PM on weekends. 
  2. Only clean non marking shoes are allowed on the courts
  3. Proper sports attire (i.e. Tracksuit, shorts & t-shirts) is a must
  4. Spectators will be allowed only in the viewing gallery.
  5. Any heavy objects (like table,chair, etc.) should not be brought inside the hall
  6. Food and beverages will not be allowed inside the hall.


Awards Sports-person Year
Badminton Open Champion Harsh Paliwal 2011-12
Best Girls team of the year Girls team 2011-12
1st position: Badminton championship(Concours DAIICT) Shruti Jain and Swati Verma 2011
Open badminton championship (Boy's singles) Ishan Upadhyay 2013-14
Open badminton championship (Girl's singles) Aishwarya Agarwal 2013-14
Open badminton championship (Boy's Doubles) Kanak Sharma, Pranshul Saini 2013-14
Open badminton championship (Girl's Doubles) Aparna Arya, Pratyusha Challa 2013-14
Winner single and doubles(Concours DAIICT) Vaishnavi Patil, Swasti Medha 2014
Badminton open singles(Annual Sport Award) Ishan Upadhyay 2014-15
Badminton open Doubles(Annual Sport Award) Kanak Sharma, Pranshul Ssaini 2014-15
Badminton open singles Girls(Annual Sport Award) Aishwarya Agarwal 2014-15
Badminton open Doubles Girls(Annual Sport Award) KAparna Arya, Pratyusha Challa 2014-15
Silver Medal(Concours DAIICT) Kshitija Anam , Devika Menon 2019-20